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Klaleh  is a mother, marketing maven, real estate investor, and fashionista. Originally from Liberia, West Africa and raised in Virginia, Klaleh was always ambitious, independent, and was inspired by her god sister to attend Hampton University where she became a notable influence amongst peers.
During her Junior year, Klaleh decided to tackle corporate America, and quickly became the top performer in her market. After years of elevating her corporate resume, Klaleh decided to face Entrepreneurship head on and opened her first storefront, High Maintenance boutique which quickly became a pillar in Virginia.
With the rapid success of her first venture, Klaleh opened two more boutiques in her hometown, and after 6 years, Klaleh was introduced to motherhood, with the birth of her son, she decided to create an e-commerce platform for her empire and relocated to Las Vegas, where she managed her multiple businesses and mastered the art of motherhood and Entrepreneurship.
A year later, Klaleh gave birth to her daughter and took it up a notch, entering a multi-level marketing opportunity that she has taken to the next level, and in 2020 Klaleh became a Record Breaking National Director for her network.
In less then 6 months, her platform with TLC has gained global attention and Klaleh has been donned as a powerhouse.
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